My purpose is to help you, LIVE yours

I help coaches who are committed to bringing change to people and planet through certification & beyond.

They ask:

  • Who is it I really want to be in service of?

  • How can I reach them?

  • What do I genuinely care about?

  • What should my coaching practice look like?

  • How can I best communicate what I do?

  • How can I stay resourced, healthy and enthusiastic as an entrepreneur?'

  • Can I maintain a balance in helping others as well as continuing to grow myself?

In a crowded market place where it seems just about everybody has re-trained to be a coach of some description, I'll help you find your unique mission that matters, for the benefit of leading long-term positive impact.

Courage is key

My coaching dives deep. In order to be a successful coach and changemaker, you need to do your own work. This means, growth, expansion, burning through blockages. It means we will look at those things you've maybe avoided up until now. Working in this way, ensures you really face what holds you back and clouds your judgement. I will challenge you and absolutely require that you bring your courage and bravery to do the work that will have you be the most effective agent of change.

why it matters

Because the world is in a pretty broken state. After having been a coach for 10+ years, and working with many, many clients, I can truly say that coaching really does bring about real, lasting change, it instigates and encourages positive improvement on so many levels.

I have seen immediate and long term transformation and witnessed the positive impact coaching has had over and over again. It matters to me that you make this brilliant career work, because we, need you, particularly at this time. 

my background

I started out life as a branding guy and graphic designer and spent 18+ years in the industry. Whilst it was fair to say I was good at it, it left me wanting more. There was a sense of achievement, but I knew I wasn’t really making a difference-and making some kind of difference to the quality of peoples lives and experiences really called to me. 

Phil Askew CPCC, PCC

Fast forward a few years and you find me as a Creative Director for a very large brand and PR firm, we worked with brilliant clients Xbox, Pfizer, Jeep, Aventis and Starbucks to name but a few. I now had a team too and it really mattered to me that they had a voice; that they felt a sense of fulfilment and meaning in their role. I guess I had already started on the ‘purpose path’… 

I re-trained as a Co-active Coach in 2009 and life was never the same again. The 'call' won me over and I specialised in helping conscious entrepreneurs really find the courage to go it alone, those walking a similar path to myself. Specifically, coaches.

10 years down the road here we are. To date I have worked with hundreds of coaches 1-1, in groups and virtually to know their purpose and lead change in the world, I specialise in coaching through the lens of the 'Ikigai' or, 'reason for being' Purpose is at the centre of everything I offer.

  • I am a Certified Professional Co-active Coach with CTI, The longest established and most respected coach training school in the world

  • I am a PCC certified coach with the ICF with over 1200 hours of coaching experience

  • I am a qualified 'Unitive' coach

  • I completed the CTI Leadership program in 2012

  • I have designed and lead many, many workshops and experiences for coaches

  • I have built my practice and brand from scratch through all of it's up's and down's and I am excited to share my experience with you

  • I bring challenge, creativity, innovation, huge safety, space and heart to the work I do