but, it isn’t watching your every move with bated breath.

The spotlight is very much front and centre on us as we put ourselves out in to the world. This can be a crippling position for us to take up if we haven’t occupied this space before. We make up a story that the entire world is looking at what we are doing and, just waiting poised like a coiled viper for us to screw up. A grammatical slip up on our website, an unflattering headshot alongside our latest blog post, not having the poetry of well formed words falling from our lips when somebody asks what we do.

Let the paranoid, perfectionist inner critic games commence...so we water down, we stunt our standpoint and quell our passion on what we truly believe for fear of painful reprise.

Go live and BE seen now...and now...and now...

The perfectionist will demand you hang back until you hit ‘mastery’ level, you attain the suitable acronyms after your name or until you have gained signed and sealed approval from everybody you know. It's a trap. Nice and safe having your website parked at the back of your hard drive isn’t it? All the while you aren’t visible, people whose lives you can positively change remain stuck, unfulfilled and less than they could be.

Here's an 'ah-ha', you cannot do you wrong.

Clients can often find it difficult to know how to show-up both online and at networking events, they're making up the story that there's a specific formula for what people are expecting to see, a right way of doing public changemaker coach. There isn't. I want to throw this out there, people have great antennae and know when you are being authentic, or acting somebody else's rendition of authentic. We can smell it a mile off no matter how loud or confident it sounds if It feels fake. Guaranteed, people will know. You don't need all the charisma in the world or be the source of all worldly wisdom with an answer for everything. You just need to be big old beautiful YOU. 

True-you has me feel I can trust you...trusting you, leads to safety...saftey means I can open up and talk about my troubles with you, chances are when I need a coach I'll come to you for a sample session. True-you allows me to be true-me.

You know more than most people know, right now.

As we progress through our coach training, what we initially find new, exciting and transformative learning begins to soften as we advance. The wonder and sense of WOW can fade as we make progress and accumulate more learning. What we can easily forget is that the most simple tool or technique can in fact be utterly liberating to those who’ve never actually done the work we have. That simple values exercise or the old favorite, the wheel of life can be an absolute paradigm shift to the uninitiated. So don't wait, use what you know, share what you know and change a few lives right now.

Much love,

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