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Build Your Purposeful Practice 3

A six-week group program for coaches wanting to build a successful
business, without losing their mind. Starts Monday, April 15th.
Just 4 places left.


Build Your Purposeful Practice 3

A six-week group program for coaches wanting to build a successful
business, without losing their mind. Starts Monday, April 15th.
Just 4 places left.


You’ve invested so much TIME AND ENERGY in training to be a coach - but how DO YOU start TO BUILD a business?

You’re throwing money, time and energy around left, right and centre to try and figure out exactly how to make this a real business.

Nothing seems to be working consistently and it certainly doesn’t feel easy, on the contrary - it’s overwhelming and confusing.

You just want to make a real go of this, and you know that being a coach can truly change lives and make a huge difference, as it has in your own life.

Where do you find serious, paying clients? Seriously.

Can you really make coaching a profitable business that supports you AND gives you all the freedom you want long term?

When I began my coaching journey 11 years ago, I remember feeling so enthusiastic about the great change I could help people make, this was way more than just a career shift for me, I had found my life vocation.

The only problem was...

I had no clue as to how to find the clients that truly lit me up or, how to talk to them like you know, a human might in ‘non-coachie’ language.

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"...hmmm, I totally resonate with that perspective..."


does this sound familiar?

does this sound familiar?

  • You’re lacking the confidence and clarity in your message to put yourself out there with any real dedication? So you don’t.

  • You’re overthinking your niche, going round in circles, Can you really claim it and embrace it whilst having the conviction in your coaching? Your time is precious and limited and procrastination is driving you crazy!

  • You are struggling to hone in on your 'brand' on your own or to get to grips with the marketing for your business - you want to be clear with potential clients and with posting on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, there’s just no consistency!

  • Growing your business from occasional practice clients to a practice FULL of clients feels super hard, what is it you’re just not seeing clearly?

  • You’d love a regular flow of clients coming in, clients who find you, easily and effortlessly. People you are perfectly positioned to work with and of course you want the regularity of income and security that comes with this.


And speaking of income and regularity - how the heck do you actually make this a full-time gig anyway?! You want diversity, freedom and variety…

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It's likely you've tried some of these things TO HELP OUT YOUR SITUATION:

  • Live workshops and webinars around building your coaching business - sure, they were great and informative, but you missed the 1-1 support.

  • You signed-up to self-paced training videos and products - but doing this work under your own steam is impossible, life always seems to prioritise something else, you know you should, but the motivation to start is impossible to muster.

  • You've had untold conversations with colleagues who offer helpful bits and pieces - but this sends you off, scatter-gunning in all sorts of new directions, not helpful, exhausting.

  • You’ve brought the subject of building your coaching practice, getting clients and understanding purpose to your personal coach but they aren’t mentors, they lack the ‘how-to’ they can’t give you a map or clear, concise actionable tasks.

Let's face a very real truth here...

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You don’t have a successful coaching practice…

without regular paying clients or an authentic strategy - period.

You don’t have a successful coaching practice…

without regular paying clients or an authentic strategy - period.



In the Build your Purposeful Practice 3 group program
I will teach you how cut through all of this, to nail who you are as a coach and make this passion pursuit a profitable one.

Your confidence will go through the roof when you know in no uncertain terms your purpose, your 'why'. This will mean you can talk to anyone with clarity and confidence about what you do and how you do it. What a relief!

  • You’ll get laser-like awareness of who you love to coach and the results you help instigate in their lives. No more vague ‘feel more fulfilled, increase wellbeing, gain insight….’ stuff. People just don't buy this.

  • Know the concrete results your clients get through working with you, and you’ll have the courage to stand in those results. You won’t just be theorising about these things in this course. You'll be putting it into practice, real-time, over 6 weeks, together.

  • How you communicate what you do, through Social Media and face-to-face conversations. You'll understand your clients language and establish a marketing methodology that is easy to apply and works for you.

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Working with PhilI felt totally invigorating and focussed. This has been fundamental for me in getting back on track with my business development and having complete focus and confidence in my mission. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to clarify the essence of their brand and to start making big developments in their business growth.
— Nikki Armytage-Foy CPCC, Founder of Electric Women, LA.

Here's what we'll COVER IN THE COURSE:

Week 1: Who are you as a coach? What's your unique calling and contribution?

  • From the get-go, uncovering your ‘why’ for this work or in other words, the PURPOSE and calling that motivates you. We’ll establish the vital change you are called to lead in your lifetime.

  • We go deep into the 'Ikigai' model and start to unfold what truly matters to you in this lifetime and, how you can make that a financially viable vocation.

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Week 2: Your tribe - identifying your audience and empathy for their pain

  • Working with powerful exercises to identify your best fit clients. We’ll tap into your intuition and use your ‘hero's journey’ as a compass.

  • One of the best ways to understand the struggles and pains of your audience is to ASK them, but it’s something we rarely do. You’ll be interviewing prospective clients and spending time with them to get their pains and difficulties. Zero guess work.

  • We’ll be aligning your ‘call to coach’ with their 'beliefs and pains', creating purpose-alchemy!

Week 3: Crafting your niche, nailing your message

  • Build foundations of your unique brand and establish a fool-proof strategy utilising a Social Media ‘channel’ such as Facebook. One that works for you and speaks loud and clear to your prospective clients.

  • Get to grips with a clear, consistent and compelling strategy to ensure you build a personal brand with authenticity and impact.


  • In this week, you'll be integrating what you've learned so far and taking time to reflect.

  • It's an opportunity to connect with your cohort and deepen the connections have conversations and support each other.

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Week 5: PLANT THE FLAG & Getting visible

  • Putting everything you’ve learnt into practice! Posting on social media, getting your Facebook Live game on and shouting from the rooftops. Maybe literally.

  • You’ll be coaching, championing and supporting each other as you go, overcoming any procrastination and casting out inner critics - this is the beauty of a small cohort all on the same journey, allies who’ve got your back! And, I’ll be there every step of the way.

Week 6: GROWTH, sustainability, balance & PRICING

  • Define your healthy boundaries, now that you have a scheme for regularly getting clients through the door, you’ll need to create a ‘framework’ that will support you moving forwards, strong enough to grow with you and, provide the freedom and flexibility.

  • Pricing! How to land on exactly the right fee's for your coaching and formulate the structures of your programs.

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It honestly has been the best thing I’ve done since completing CTI core curriculum. Hands-on learning, clarity, connection and incredible support - it has had everything! Well done, Phil Askew!!
— Corry Klein

And here's what's included...

And here's what's included...



  • A pre-program questionnaire to focus your current awareness around your business direction, to let go of what’s not serving and have you set targets and intentions for our 6 week journey together.

  • 5x Two hour live Teaching calls with me via Zoom Video - video recordings will be shared with you should you not be able to make one of them.

  • 5x 1 hour live group 'Integration Hour' Calls with me and the group, a fantastic opportunity to go to work on where you might be stuck or struggling, guaranteed tons of group learning!

  • Peer coaching In your cohort of 12 . You will be coaching each other throughout the weeks, supporting, acknowledging, encouraging and championing. This is what makes the work really stick, and doing this journey in a group is key to the success.

  • Personal support, send me questions anytime during the course via WhatsApp and I’ll hit you back with answers. It’s the closest thing to working with me 1-1!

  • private Facebook group for your cohort only, you won’t be doing this work alone - that is in itself pure GOLD, you’ll be in a group of 12 participants all supporting each others’ progress and bringing the encouragement.

    • BONUS throughout the course, my personal reflections and other supportive and useful videos, models, processes and so on.

BYPP 3 : April 15th START…


You’ll be taken to a very brief form where you can register your interest. There will be 12 places available on Build your Purposeful Practice 3 and I anticipate them filling up quickly.
The price will be £695, pay just £200 deposit to secure your seat.

Click below to register your interest and get to the front of the queue!

I can’t tell you how wonderful this course has been - empowering (hugely), richly supporting (gold dust), community (stellar), and personally and professionally challenging (growing in all the best ways!) Phil is a superb coach and an awesome leader - together these qualities have been contagious :) - I’m leaping into my coaching practice with a whole heart and know to my very core that my purpose is now super-clear, my resources have been magnified and my self-belief is burgeoning. This course does exactly what it says it will do - and so very much more!
— Becky Kilsby, London




Q: What’s the time commitment I will be expected to make?

So, a two hour call at the start of each week and a 1 hour Integration call at the end of the week, you can however watch these recordings back should you miss them. There will also be some reflection and application homework in between modules, allocate 2 hours or so each week to complete this. Build your Purposeful Practice 3 is a ‘rubber hits the road’ program, we’ll be putting things into practice real time in the 6 weeks together to ensure you not only know the how but you practice the DO too! That's why this works.

Q: I have signed up to similar training courses in the past, what makes yours different?

Doing this together, as a cohort. It’s MAGIC, we’ll be meeting each week via Zoom video and you’ll be part of a close-knit cohort of 12 all on the same journey. The energy, sense of community and camaraderie whilst doing this together changes everything. Couple that with the personal 1-1 WhatsApp support from me at all times through the program is totally setting you up for success.

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I actually think this should be a mandatory part of the CTI course after Synergy!...
— Ann-Mari Freebairn

Q: Call times, what if I can't make all of them?

All Zoom call times will be in GMT (UK time) and they will be:


1. Teaching Call: 15th April 2019 - 10:30-12:30

2. Integration Hour: 19th April 2019 - 10:30 -11:30


3. Teaching Call: 22nd April 2019 - 10:30-12:30

4. Integration Hour: 26th April 2019 - 10:30 -11:30

Week 3

5. Teaching Call: 29th April 2019 - 10:30-12:30

6. Integration Hour: 3rd May 2019 -10:30 -11:30


7. Teaching Call: 6th May 2019 - 10:30-12:30

8. Integration Hour: 10th May 2019 - 10:30 -11:30



9. Teaching Call: 20th May 2019 - 10:30-12:30

10. Completion Hour: 24th May 2019 - 10:30 -11:30

You'll get lots from being an active participant on the Zoom calls of course and, no problem if you can't make one or two. You'll receive recordings in video format so you'll get all of the learning to watch back and pick up new aspects you might have missed on the live call.

Q: Will I need to be super-confident with technology?

No at all, I will provide you with step-by-step instructions on joining Zoom calls. I've designed this course to be as easily accessible as possible so that we can get down to business, fast.

Q: I have been a practicing coach for a while, I have some clients but still struggle with my niche, my messaging and my confidence, will I benefit from this course?

In short, Yes, 100%. If you are a new coach coming into this game right now i.e. within your first year of practice, you are ideally positioned to implement the learning from Build your Purposeful Practice 3. That said, I’ll be teaching and supporting you in solid, evergreen business and brand and purpose foundations that you can implement anytime.

Q: Do you offer a money back guarantee if I don't get on with the program?

I truly believe you'll get so much value, learning, application and mentoring support from me and the group, to easily justify the entry fee, I won't be offering a refund unless exceptional circumstances.

Q: I am working with a coach 1-1 already, will this clash?

In a word, no, if anything it will SUPPORT the work you are doing with your coach. Each week there will be an element of group coaching in the course, but for the majority of the content I will be teaching and supporting you specifically to build your practice.


You’ll be taken to a very brief form where you can register your place. There will be 12 places available on Build your Purposeful Practice 3 and I anticipate them filling up quickly.
The price will be £695, pay just £200 deposit now to secure your spot.

Your investment for Build your Purposeful Practice 3 is £695 - split your payments! To secure your spot on Cohort 3, pay £200 now and the rest of the balance when we start.  

Today, after much deliberation, soul-searching, and procrastination, (and so many flip-chart diagrams) I have launched myself over the entrepreneurial edge and have resigned from my job to focus heart and soul on my coaching practice I launched last September. Massive decision but one that aligns everything that matters to me, all thanks to Purposeful Practice!
— Becky Kilsby, UK
Working with Phil is energetic, fun and dare I say it, easy. Our sessions created clarity on who my client base is, their journey, who I am as a coach and how to position myself with my target audience. His approach is empowering, creative, visual & interactive. It has a tangible output & I loved it. Would I recommend to other coaches? Hell yeah!
— Alex Bishop PCC, London

Phil is a masterful coach and one of the most authentic, generous and supportive people I know. I worked with Phil at a time of major change in my life: our sessions gave me the breathing space I needed to figure out my true purpose and design my future. If you’re looking for a coach to help you live a more purposeful life, I recommend you give Phil a ring - Phil will encourage you to dream, call forth the best in you and help you on the way to making it real.
— Neil Ramsorrun, London

Phil has been an amazing coach- I can’t say that enough. When I approached Phil I was in a place of low confidence, confusion, isolation and not knowing what to do with my business. From the very start, Phil was an incredible support and guide helping me on my path of growing as a coach and growing my business.

Every step of the way i felt I had an ally and support. Being a coach is a challenge, having my own business made me feel so isolated- by making the investment in Phil’s program, I have turned my confidence and belief in myself around 180 AND I have paying clients. - for that I am so grateful.
— Jennifer Boon CPCC, England.


You’ll be taken to a very brief form where you can register your place. There will be 12 places available on Build your Purposeful Practice 3 and I anticipate them filling up quickly.
The price will be £695, pay just £200 deposit now to secure your spot and the remainder when we start.