On your marks, get set…not quite yet.

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I know you’re a great coach with a wealth of life experience and passion for this work, you love people and see the possibilities for them, you harbour a desire to lead real change and what’s more, you absolutely know you can.

You’re brilliant and you’re ready to have your own successful coaching practice but - you’re struggling and you don’t know how to move forwards.

Permission to make a few assumptions?

  • You’ve invested a lot of time, money and energy in coach training and LOVE to coach but you just can’t find regular, reliable clients who will pay you what you’re worth.

  • You’re reading books on starting a business, you research online, start to pull together a plan, but there are SO MANY directions you could head in you don’t know where to start and your fear of getting it wrong paralyses you.

  • You can’t seem to unravel your thoughts or find any clarity and you’re desperate to get through this, to have a practice plan, to coach and to lead change!

  • You start your days with the best intentions for marketing yourself and telling the world about your coaching, but it feels overwhelming because you don’t know who you are speaking to or what you should be saying.

  • You want to run a successful practice, doing the work you love and getting paid well for it, but you aren’t an expert in marketing, branding, business strategy or social media.

  • You feel sporadic inspiration, but it’s exhausting doing this alone, it’s impossible to stay motivated and consistent and there’s huge self-doubt.


You intuitively know that things can be different. You know that with the right coaching and mentoring this WILL change. You know that now is the time to move forward.

You may well be feeling like it’s a non-starter, that having your own successful practice without burn-out just isn’t possible. I want to assure you that this isn’t true.

I was super-enthusiastic when I completed my coach training in 2008, I threw in my full time job to pursue this as a business shortly after and It soon dawned on me that I was ill-prepared. I’d slavishly read, research, skim and scan for the silver-bullet strategy I needed to make this business work. But it lead to exhaustion, anxiety and overwhelm.

It was asking for help and reaching out for 1-1 mentoring and support from a number of experts that transformed everything. I pushed through and with the accumulated knowledge transformed my practice. I now Mentor coaches like you to move through their process and come out the other side thriving.

Here’s what your life as a Coach and Practice owner is about to look like:

  • You wake up with clarity and a plan-of-attack’ for your day, you know that you’re going to publish some rich content on Social Media and you feel excited and utterly compelled to share your message with the world.

  • Coaching has become a successful vocation, you are being paid appropriate fee’s without question and you drive your practice with a solid marketing strategy.

  • Inspiration and motivation flow as you know you have an ally who’s both got your back, can coach you through the difficult mindset blockers and advise on the next steps to your coaching success.

  • Your energy and focus feel well used and deliberate, you take a powerful stand for your ‘tribe’ and in response, new clients easily find you, clients who are your perfect fit, your ‘tribe’.

  • You breathe easy knowing your best course of action, clarity of thought returns and the overwhelm subsides, granting you breathing space and the freedom to coach your clients from a place of ease and fulfilment.

Working with PhilI felt totally invigorating and focussed. This has been fundamental for me in getting back on track with my business development and having complete focus and confidence in my mission. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to clarify the essence of their brand and to start making big developments in their business growth.”
— Nikki Armytage-Foy CPCC, Founder of Electric Women, LA.

Purpose - the Arrowhead

We coach to discover your unique 'arrowhead', the work you were born to do. The mission that matters, I'll challenge you, you'll need to be courageous, grow you, hold you to the fire and get you through the limiting beliefs that keep you stuck. I bring over 1200 hours of real-world coaching. It's vital that in order to bring real change and transformation to the world, we need to do our own self development work. To hone and refine our coaching approach so that we show up from a place of 'mastery'. Our purpose coaching will reveal where you play small, it will overcome limiting beliefs and breakthrough many barriers. 

Without an 'arrow head', we lack a true direction. We are at the mercy of sporadic inspiration, chance and short lived coaching relationships that aren't rewarding for either party. We know that we can coach anybody, but who are we called to be the champion for? I make up you are here to pioneer a very specific flavour of change, for a very specific demographic of people. They need you. You are here to lead a movement that matters - nobody can occupy this role like you do, and when you discover this, everything changes.

BUSINESS - the arrow body

The arrow body is the business. A practice can only flourish and travel the distance when strong, flexible systems are in place that enable you and support the way you work. The structure that ensures you remain healthy and buoyant in the challenging times, and innovative and on-point in the good. We'll work to create a holistic foundation that will scale as you do and ensure profitability.

Brand - the FLIGHT feathers

To be able to communicate purpose in the world with ease, authenticity is critical. We must declare our 'true colours' - represented by the unique flight feathers. Our personal brand is the honest, visible presence that 'hums' and calls to our people. 

I'll mentor you to really know your most authentic brand and how you can share your mission with the world, utilising the methods that work best for you; Blogging, videos, Facebook Live, Podcasts or workshops for example. We'll establish your offer, your products, your authentic voice and how to stake your claim as an agent of change. With these things in place, you'll fly.

And why the symbol of the arrow?

Because above and beyond everything we do with and all we create, we have to engage in our our self growth work. The arrow symbolises bravery, the hunt with intention, focus. We must be in a position where we are willing to remain courageous and continue to develop ourselves in order to be in truly in service others.

Phil, you are an inspiring coach and leader. You create a safe space to discuss, express, learn and grow. You are creative and playful and have used these traits to help me to explore topics more deeply by treating them lightly. In doing so I’ve uncovered these traits in myself.

The most impactful things I’m taking away are: - A greater awareness of my saboteur - in all its guises and most importantly ways to recover when under pressure. - A practice of slowing down which I have learned, is the key to me finding clarity and connection when I get lost in being ‘busy’. - Courage to be more visible and vulnerable by sharing my ideas, connecting with more people and making a difference through my work and relationships.

Having a great coach has helped me be a better coach – good coaching for me is both scary and exciting - thanks for making it fun too!
— Carol Conway, London


  • Running through everything is bravery. I'll coach you to ensure you are standing in your power and burning through old limiting beliefs, saying YES to what you consciously choose to have in your life and NO to that which doesn't serve

  • You get crystal clear around your niche, and the people you are called to work with

  • Awareness on where you must put your focus, in your coaching style, your technique and with your practice

  • You'll land way more clients who you genuinely love, clients who will really do the work, because it matters

  • Ownership of your unique positioning and visibility

  • An unshakable knowing of the change you absolutely have to lead in this world

  • Zero fear on marketing yourself authentically with confidence and ownership

  • I'll coach you in your growth areas, empowering you to move forward with confidence and show up to client sessions with rigour, courage and professionalism

  • Systems, structures and foundations that ensure your practice is healthy & supports you

  • You will charge fees that feel right, that honour your skills

  • Ownership of whichever method of content delivery works for you, Blogging, Vlogs, Workshop Timelines, Podcasts

  • You will know the programs, services and products to offer your clients and confidently be able to talk about the benefits

  • A resonant business that works for you, with clean and healthy boundaries

  • Mastery of your coaching and your own unique style

  • I'll share regular tools, methods and articles to support your journey

  • If you are a Co-active Coach, I specialise in leading students through Core Curriculum, Certification and Leadership and weave all of this into our journey

what's the structure & process?

  • An initial 60 Minute 'Discovery' Session, face-to-face in London or, via Zoom video

  • Eleven 60 minute Zoom/Skype Sessions over a period of six months

  • A Review and Completion session

  • Unlimited support via 'Voxer' in between sessions

  • MP3 recordings of your sessions sent to you after each coaching - great for reference!

  • Ongoing sharing of supportive advice around what tech to use and practice services to help you thrive

  • I partner with coaches through the CTI Certification process and support, coach and mentor you every step of the way

A highly creative, provocative coach. His style is wonderfully engaging, open and approachable; making him a joy to work with
— Kristin Stangebye CPCC, Norway.


This is an investment in the mastery of your coaching and the building of a successful (and full!) practice. I work with a limited number of coaches who are serious about making this their profession and leading real, tangible change in the world. This enables me to dedicate my resource and expertise to you.

Your investment for 1-1 Coaching and Mentoring with me is £300 per month for a duration of 6 months, that's £150 per session.

  • That consists of one initial 'Discovery' Session and twelve 1 hour coaching/mentoring sessions to be used over a six month period.

  • Payment can be the total of £2015 or, monthly at £300 per month

  • This is the period of time when things start to really shift in terms of owning your why as a coach and filling your practice with clients you love to work with for great rates. Often, my clients stay on beyond this six month period to continue their growth and expansion as business starts to thrive. I am super flexible with how we design that support.

  • Financially, many clients say they they make back the value of my fee's in just the first couple of months of working with me as they define their business and start attracting in the RIGHT CLIENTS for the RIGHT FEES.

  • If this sounds like the kind of support you need, click the button below and let's book a time to talk...


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I also offer a package that is 1 session per month, total of 6 sessions strictly for Certification students to meet the minimum CTI requirements. This is £150 per session.

I did not work with Phil for very long. I think this is a testament to his impact. Just 3 sessions.....his intuition, insight, and belief got me exactly to where I needed to be. I am now a successful leadership and career transition coach and I am very excited to when my path crosses Phil’s again. Phil is generous and exceptionally talented coach and I would highly recommend working with him! Thanks Phil, Ollie.
— Oliver Holloway, Business and Executive Coach
Phil helped me dive deep into my self-work, explore all those areas of my life and myself that I did not dare to look into before. As a matter of fact, having him hold the space for me, I willingly jumped into that self-exploration journey. His ability to help me discover the deepest thoughts, fears, and strengths was simply amazing. The way he was there to acknowledge me and champion me was so encouraging and empowering. I’ve worked with Phil for the last 6 months and in that period I discovered how strong, resilient and resourceful I am. How capable of recovering from within. How vulnerable and powerful at the same time. I’m continuing my work with Phil as it helps me to get to know literally the best version of myself. Thank you, Phil!
— Zana CPCC, Croatia